Words of wisdom from The Congressman

Jae Henderson

By Jae Henderson

Jae, an American Studies major, is a summer intern in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, through the Victory Fund, an LGBT political advocacy group. She is interested in the relation between leaders who espouse non-violence and public policy.

This summer I had the honor of interning with Rep. John Lewis in his Washington, D.C., office as a congressional intern through the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute’s Victory Fund. The Congressman agreed to sit down with me for a short interview, and in this interview I asked him about topics ranging from the depressed job market and youth looking for employment to LGBT rights and how we can proceed with the struggle for equality.

This interview was unrehearsed. Rep. Lewis was not given time to prepare a statement or briefed about the questions I would ask or the topics I wanted to cover. It was shot via Flipcam in my final moments in the office and right before the vote on Senate Majority Leader John Boehner’s debt bill. I did ask very LGBT specific questions and at one point asked a very focused question about LGBT issues in the context of the black family.

I respect and admire Rep. Lewis for all that he has done and all he continues to do in the fight for equality for every human being. I don’t feel it necessary to write much more because I feel that the man says it all. But feel free to chime in with comments and questions.

Without further prolongation I present to you, John Lewis…

“I will scribe my name in the world’s canvas” — Jae Henderson


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  1. anno says:

    I will be interning for him..
    how was it interning for him?